Top 4 Reasons You Should Use Lists on Your Blog

Have you ever noticed how many blogs use lists? Whether they’re Top 5, Top 10, or Top 100 you are bound to see several of them on any blog. So why does the blogosphere love them so much? Short answer: they work. For the long answer I present to you the Top 4 Reasons You Should Use Lists on Your Blog!

  1. Shows the value to your target market. The first thing any good salesman should know is that the only way you can get someone to do something is by making them want to do it. And if there’s nothing in it for them, then they are not going to do what you want them to. Ask yourself, what is my target market? What are their usual problems? What can I share that will help them?
    If I was writing a blog for a commercial electrical contractor I could write about the “3 Biggest Hydro Money Savers for Property Managers”. That immediately offers value and to my target market.
  2. Quick and simple to create. A lot of people struggle with coming up with new ideas on what to write about, and once they do then they don’t know how to communicate their idea. A list gives you a simple format that is adaptable to a large spectrum of ideas.
    They will also allow you to break down your idea into the most critical points, and you only have to write a small bit for each point. This not only makes it easy to write but also…
  3. Easy to read and scan. Have you ever gone onto a webpage and just started reading it from top to bottom? Or do you first scroll down and up give it a quick scan and then decide to read it? I know I scan first, and if I can easily pick up the main points then I can quickly decide if I want to continue with it.
    Once I do decide to read the list, it’s neatly organized and usually pretty evenly distributed. If I’m not able to pick out the main points in the first few seconds I will move on to the next blog.
  4. Turn one list into multiple blogs. If you’re long-winded like me then once you get writing you don’t know when to stop. You don’t want to make your list too long but you also don’t want to exclude anything of value. So what you can do is take your list and split into equal parts.
    Let’s say you end up with a list of top 10, but you don’t feel that a couple of lines will do each point justice. Then congratulations, you just gave yourself your next 5 or 10 blog entries. Do a more detailed analysis of each point, you can have one or two points per blog. By doing this you also attract more interest to your blog, if you give the reader something of value he’ll come back for more on the same topic.

Trust me when I say there are plenty more reasons to do so, I just like these four the best.

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