The Google Analytics Interface

Google Analytics (old version)

Is very easy to interact with Google Analytics. Google really have done an extraordinarie work in make it user friendly.

While Google has come with a new version, which coexist with the old one, I would like to talk first about the old version because many of you have probably used them and also because it has something the new version doesn’t ( it allow to export the reports to a pdf version ), so every time I need the pdf I have to jump to my old version. I would like to describe the Google Analytics interface  so you dont feel intimidated by it.

The dashboard is an easy to read summary report that in few second should give you an idea of the health of your system. i.e your car dashboard tell your in a glance how well is your car: Does it has enough gas? Is it overheated? Is there any alert? What speed are you traveling at?  etc. Similarly your Google Analytics dashboard tells you about the health of your website. You can customize your dashboard to include only those indicators that you care about.

Initially we will be talking about the standard dashboard an explaining what does it mean. Later you can learn to customize it.

The dashboard screen has four areas:

  • Header
  • Site Usage Summary
  • Custom blocks
  • Menu

Google Analytics Dashboard

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