Introduction to Web Analytics

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, that is a well known management principle

Usually it is not easy to measure the results of your marketing campaigns. Big corporations use teams, and in some cases armies of people to gather information about the results of their marketing campaigns. They usually use tools like: surveys, pools, telemarketing, coupons codes, etc.

Small entrepreneurs have neither the manpower nor the funds to do the same work and therefore they have to guess when they have to make their marketing decisions.

The purpose of this blog is giving you information about Internet statistics – or Web Analytics – and how small companies can use them, how you can use them to gain business intelligence, to understand what is happening and to make educated decisions.

I would like to stress three points in regards to Web Analytics:

  1. They are easily available
  2. Everything can be measured in the Internet
  3. They are easy to use and have very practical applications

We will expand soon on each of these points, see you soon!

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