Google My Business! The New Google Places for Business

In mid-June Google finally said goodbye to Google Places for business and introduced to over 200 countries Google My Business. So what is it? GMB is an integration of Places and Google+ with an eye to helping small and medium size businesses (SMBs).

So How Does Google My Business Help SMBs?

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Pro-tip#1 – 55% of Canadians use search engines on their smartphones on daily basis1, and yet only 22% of websites are mobile ready2. Don’t get left behind.[/su_pullquote]

Well without having a website you can end up on Google Search, Maps and Plus. And to boot you’re also showing up on mobile devices.

Within the Google search algorithm they measure whether or not your website is mobile ready in a mobile search. So having your GMB page ready is going to help a lot.

What Else is New?

With GMB you’ll now be able to have a portal for all your Google business apps, such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Reviews
  • Insights
  • AdWords
  • YouTube
  • And many more…

Not only that, but GMB will suggest other apps that Google has developed that could bring value to your business.

How Can My Biz Take Advantage of GMB?

First things first sign up and create your page! While there can be many strategies that could be successful for your business it always starts by creating that page. Make sure you give all the details of your business that you can.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Pro-Tip#2 – There are some details you may be reluctant to give. To help you decide just ask yourself, is this information that will help a customer take the next step?[/su_pullquote]

Add content! Content doesn’t have to mean you have to write something (but it sure would help). But adding content is key to your success on Google My Business. Here are some content ideas just for you:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Blog Entries
  • Posts with links to relevant news stories
  • Posts with links to relevant Blogs entries
  • Etc…

Make sure you keep it professional. Since this is now mixing with Google+ it is social media, make sure you don’t put anything on your page that isn’t professional or something that shares your personal views.

Keep away from commenting on morality, politics or religion as these are topics that people are deeply passionate about. While you may be trying to share a personal point of view on, you might end up unintentionally offending a group of people. Remember Pro-Tip#2, is this something that can help my clients take the next step? There are places for sharing your views, Google My Business is about your business and more importantly about your clients.








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