Almost Everything Can be measured on the Internet

Almost Everything Can be measured on the Internet.

Google Analytics or any other statistics system collects all kind of information
about every  visitor. They know where you are located, the length of your visit,
what is the landing page is, the exit page, what kind of computer are you using, the
size of your screen, what keyword did you type to find them, etc

Let’s see some examples of the kind of information you can learn about your Internet visitors:

  • How many of them are new?
  • How many are returning?
  • What is their native language?
  • Are they at a computer? or
  • Are they using a mobile device?
  • How big their screen is (resolution)?
  • What browsers do they use?
  • How do they found you?
  • What keywords do they use?
  • How do they navigate inside your website?
  • What pages did they visit?
  • Which are your landing pages?
  • Which are the exit pages?
Do you think some of  this  information can help you improve your business? 

There is a lot of data but once you get a better understanding of Google Analytics you will learn which metrics* are important for you and you can build customized dashboards  that will allow you to evaluate the health of your website in just few seconds.

As always the Paretto law also applies here and 20% of the data will give you 80% of the information you need. So you need to find which is that magic 20%.

As a friend of mine says “You don’t need to do amazing things to get amazing results”.

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