Chuck Bankoff’s Favorites Digital Content Marketing Strategies

Chuck Bankoff is a well renowned Internet Consultant with more than 13 years experience in Internet Marketing. With his permission we are including one of his recent posts regarding Content Marketing. Hope you enjoy it:

My Favorite Digital Content Marketing Strategies

You probably already have a ton of content that is ready to go, or just requires a few tweaks. My favorites are the ones that I don’t have to work too hard with. Let’s start with the low hanging fruit first.

Take inventory of your existing content: It doesn’t even have to be digital content, as long as it can transition into digital content.

  • Written any books lately? I have two clients who have written books where we’ve taken excerpts, or paraphrased highlights of certain chapters. A single book can be the source of month’s worth of digital content, fueling your social media content program for months.
  • Proposals? Given the nature of the digital marketing industry, I find that our own proposals are rich in descriptive content, often short and concise and keyword rich. The perfect fodder for blogs, web pages and social media posts.
  • Presentations: That PowerPoint presentation you made for internal use or for sales might only need a tweak or two to be ready for Slideshare or to be converted into an article. The presentation notes alone might make an informative article.
  • Interviews: If you’ve ever been interviewed for radio shows and podcasts you know the resulting public relations generate a lot of traffic. Writing a synopsis of what you discussed on the interview results in legitimate high quality digital content for your marketing efforts.
  • Emails: Believe it or not, I’ve actually turned emails into blog posts. I often have clients looking for clarification on something that requires a detailed email response. As I’m hitting the send button it occurs to me that I just completed my latest blog post on a subject that at least one person was interested in.
  • Photos: Scour your camera and smart phone for digital images you can build a story about. It could be anything from a company picnic to completed installation project. What about an employee of the month? Great way to showcase the personality, accomplishments and expertise of your staff.
  • Videos: Video testimonials are obvious (and very effective) but we’ve even poked fun at ridiculously dated video commercials that our clients had from decades past. They may have looked old, but the statement was “look how long we’ve been around!”
  • Show your Expertise: Even though this is typically original digital content that you have to produce from scratch, I still consider this low hanging fruit. After all, aren’t we all experts in our own field?
  • Do it yourself: Nothing positions you as an expert more than sharing something you know how to do. For example, this very blog posting explains how you can start gathering content for your own content marketing strategy. If you’re a plumber you can explain how to unclog a toilet. If you are a writer you could explain your methodology of creating a story outline, etc.
  • Provide your thoughts on Industry News: Nothing positions you as a thought leader like taking a public stance on a topical issue. If you are a lawyer you could weigh in on some controversial new law. If you sell rental generators you might tie in some of the recent natural disasters with earthquake and hurricane preparedness advice.
  • Debunk a few myths: I don’t know about you, but I can write an entire book about things people THINK work regarding search engine optimization.  What common misconceptions can you clear up in your industry?
  • How to avoid making mistakes: Whatever industry you’re in, you’ve probably made a few mistakes and tried a few things that didn’t quite have the intended results. Making mistakes is something I’ve become quite an expert on (making them, not avoiding them). However even a blind squire finds an acorn every now and then, and occasionally even I will learn not to do something the hard way the next time.
  • Humor: Face it, no matter what industry you’re in, no one is as fixated on it as you. Not everything has to be about business. Loosen up and have some fun to keep them following you.

There are a ton of digital content marketing ideas and strategies you can come up with, but I don’t recommend having a content garage sale where you syndicate everything you can get your hands on. Before you go sifting through your existing sources for digital content, start thinking about your strategy. What do you want to be known for? What keywords do you want to integrate into your content for search engines to pick up on? Above all, what topics that are relevant to you are also relevant to your market?

Chuck Bankoff is Director of Web Services for Kreative Webworks, Inc. A digital media marketing agency in Orange County CA since 1999.

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