Blogging – What do I write about?

We now have a target market and schedule to write. Now comes the hard part, writing the blog posts. Here is where all the uncertainty comes if you’re not used to writing, so here are a couple of tips to avoid getting stuck.

Value – What’s in it for me?

Make sure you are giving something of value to your reader. If your reader doesn’t benefit from reading your post then he or she is probably not coming back.

Ask yourself what issues your target market has, and then try to help them with their problems.Don’t try to sell them on a particular product or service, but instead try to give honest helpful advice. A blog isn’t a place to sell, it’s a place to show you’re an expert.

Say you’re a chiropractor and you want to attract more men who play golf and have back aches then you could write about simple tips to avoid back pain while golfing. This may sound counter-intuitive but the goal is to let those people get a little better by themselves and now they can see you know your stuff. When the tips you give them aren’t enough they’ll come to you.

Write about one main thought at a time

I see people try to fit all of their knowledge into a 400 word post. They have finally decided on a topic they know a lot about, and the first they do is try to show they know everything about it. They cram as much information into their post as they can to show themselves as an expert.

However what ends up happening isĀ  the post become muddled and unclear. When you try to reach everyone, you end up reaching no one. Don’t try to show you know everything in one post, pace yourself and write a series of posts instead. Each post can be about one sub topic.

Let’s go back to our chiropractor example, you don’t want to write a blog about back pain even though you know a lot about it. Back pain is too wide a topic and to cover all of it you’ll need to write a small encyclopedia instead of a blog. What you want to do is break it down and segment it. Write about one specific type of back pain, what causes it, what you can do at home to feel better, what indicators are there that you should see someone about it, etc…

Following these two simple tips will make sure you have lots to write about and that they will keep coming back for it.

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