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A few months ago we started our blog and when we started receiving comments
we were really happy and encouraged.  Unfortunately most of the comments were
SPAM comments, pure garbage. Finally we activated a plugin called Akismet and
voila bye-bye spam.

We were new at blogging and it took us a while to recognize the problem. I
suppose millions of bloggers still don’t know they are being used and they don’t
know what to do if they are. 

After we solved our problem we started to question why would people do
that? What is the value? Would someone click on these links? After trying to
decipher some of those spam comments and noticing that they are not even
remotely related to the blog theme we don’t think that the spammer is trying to
get someone to read or even to click on the links they post. The only logical
conclusion we could come up with is that they’re trying to get a large number of
backlinks which can help to improve their page rank.

The problem with these black hat spam practices is that sooner or later they
got the attention of the search engines (Google) and those sites may get
penalized or disappear from their rankings and searches.

Why would any legit business risk disappearing from the search engines. What
benefits can someone receive by using these tactics? What are they trying to
accomplish? There are few theories that come to mind.

  1. They are trying to run a scam. By doing this they rank a website or a
    website page high enough so during a period of time, they get visitors that
    may believe this is legit company because Google ranks it high. Spammers get
    shut down and then start up a new site and start again.
  2. They may be aggressive Internet Marketers. You probably receive two or
    three calls, or emails per week from people that tell you how they are able
    to get you at the top of Google and they show how they can “demonstrate” the
    results they get. After people sign a year program or have paid a setup fee
    they may disappear or even worse they manage to continue getting paid for
    doing a dis-favour to your company.
  3. The last one is kind of a scary one. Someone may be trying to get a
    legit website to be penalized. Using robots to send spam to blogs is
    relatively easy and cheap and it looks like is very difficult to combat. How
    are you going to get those links to be taken down?

In my opinion this problem was created by the search engines by giving
excessive weight to external factors like links, comments, and reviews from low
ranking websites that were created with the only purpose of tricking search

Search engines should come back to its senses and be concerned more with the
quality and relevance of website content and less with low quality or paid
links. Google should not consider a link unless it comes from a very reliable
source. Quantity is not the issue, Quality is!

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