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Blog Comment Spammers

A few months ago we started our blog and when we started receiving comments we were really happy and encouraged.  Unfortunately most of the comments were SPAM comments, pure garbage. Finally we activated a plugin called Akismet and voila bye-bye … Continue reading

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Top 4 Reasons You Should Use Lists on Your Blog

Have you ever noticed how many blogs use lists? Whether they’re Top 5, Top 10, or Top 100 you are bound to see several of them on any blog. So why does the blogosphere love them so much? Short answer: … Continue reading

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Blogging – What do I write about?

We now have a target market and schedule to write. Now comes the hard part, writing the blog posts. Here is where all the uncertainty comes if you’re not used to writing, so here are a couple of tips to … Continue reading

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Blogging – How Often Should I Write?

I hear this question a lot, the short answer most people will give you is, “Minimum once a week,” but that answer is tricky because all people tend to hear is, “Once a week”. I would recommend you aim for … Continue reading

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Blogging – Who Am I Writing To?

Knowing who to write to is where you have to start when you’re starting a blog. Everything flows from your audience. The question I almost always get is “How often should I write?” but I’ll get to that next week. … Continue reading

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Small Business Blogging

The most important commodity for any business using the web is content. Content will always rein king over the Internet for one simple reason. Content is information and the internet is just that, a river of information. So how can … Continue reading

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