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Blog Comment Spammers

A few months ago we started our blog and when we started receiving comments we were really happy and encouraged. ¬†Unfortunately most of the comments were SPAM comments, pure garbage. Finally we activated a plugin called Akismet and voila bye-bye … Continue reading

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The Google Analytics Interface

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Google Analytics (old version) Is very easy to interact with Google Analytics. Google really have done an extraordinarie work in make it user friendly. While Google has come with a new version, which coexist with the old one, I would … Continue reading

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You have Google Analytics, Now what?

Every marketing campaign on the Internet needs to be tracked. After planning and implementation, tracking tools are necessary to calculate the ROI of a particular campaign. We provide our Toronto area clients with a monthly report and make suggestions where … Continue reading

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Web analytics are easy to use

Let say that you are reading your dashboard and you spot a peak on traffic on June the 10. Then you relate this peak to an email campaign that you sent that day; Now you can go to your reports … Continue reading

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Almost Everything Can be measured on the Internet

Almost Everything Can be measured on the Internet. Google Analytics or any other statistics system collects all kind of information about every ¬†visitor. They know where you are located, the length of your visit, what is the landing page is, … Continue reading

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Web Analytics are easily available

Web Analytics are easily available. Years ago stats were cumbersome and required a lot of effort to interpret them. They were similar to your telephone bill, a lot of data but very difficult to understand. However in 2005 Google bought … Continue reading

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Introduction to Web Analytics

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, that is a well known management principle Usually it is not easy to measure the results of your marketing campaigns. Big corporations use teams, and in some cases armies of people to gather … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing for Small and Medium Size Companies

The purpose of this blog is to share and discuss actionable ideas that small and medium size companies can develop and easily implement so they set themselves in a better  position to compete.

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