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The Google Analytics Interface

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Google Analytics (old version) Is very easy to interact with Google Analytics. Google really have done an extraordinarie work in make it user friendly. While Google has come with a new version, which coexist with the old one, I would … Continue reading

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Blogging – How Often Should I Write?

I hear this question a lot, the short answer most people will give you is, “Minimum once a week,” but that answer is tricky because all people tend to hear is, “Once a week”. I would recommend you aim for … Continue reading

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You have Google Analytics, Now what?

Every marketing campaign on the Internet needs to be tracked. After planning and implementation, tracking tools are necessary to calculate the ROI of a particular campaign. We provide our Toronto area clients with a monthly report and make suggestions where … Continue reading

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Blogging – Who Am I Writing To?

Knowing who to write to is where you have to start when you’re starting a blog. Everything flows from your audience. The question I almost always get is “How often should I write?” but I’ll get to that next week. … Continue reading

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Web analytics are easy to use

Let say that you are reading your dashboard and you spot a peak on traffic on June the 10. Then you relate this peak to an email campaign that you sent that day; Now you can go to your reports … Continue reading

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